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 I'm Admin Natsumi^^

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PostSubject: I'm Admin Natsumi^^   Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:39 pm

Hello everyone^^ I'm Natsumi, the founder of this Forum^^
But you can call me Na-chan, Nat, Natsu, Nana, etc. Whatever you want^^

Well, I'm 17 years old.
I live in Austria (not to mistake for Australia) and so my mother language is German. I think that my English isn't really bad, but I still make a lot of mistakes. I hope that doesn't bother you :'D

I have two younger sisters (14 and 10), so I'm the oldest of three children.
We also have three cats - one for each of us three girls ;D

First there is Tiger. He's our oldest cat - he's nearly as old as me - and he's super, super cute. Because of his age, he has some Problems with walking and so he preferes to sit or lie. But otherwise he's perfectly healthy^^
He belongs to my youngest sister.

Then there is Burli. You can translate his name with "Little Boy". He's a cute dummy because he is really sweet but not really intelligent :'D
He is also really, really scared and afraid to fall down if you pick him up. That isn't really comfortable for the shoulder but well xDD
He belongs to my second sister.

And then we have Rusty. He is our youngest cat and really hyperactive. He just wants to play and eat the whole day. He's a real cutie and pretty sweet^^
I named him after Rusty from the Warrior Cats because he is my favourite charakter.
This little Tornado belongs to me^^

But we don't only have the cats, we also have a pretty female Haflinger named Elisa. She is really pretty but also really stubborn. And she loves to eat so she's a little bit fat xDD
She belongs to my dad, my two sisters and me. (Although I'm not really interested in horses ^^')

My hobbies are Animes and Mangas (especially Fairy Tail), Writing, Reading, Surfing through the Internet, create own Characters, Chat, Draw and so on.
I have really much hobbies and interests^^ But unfortunately, I don't have that much talents xDD

Uhm...yeah. I think that's it for the start^^
If you have questions about me, than don't be afraid to ask. I won't bite ;D
Well...usually I won't do xDD
Ok, just kidding^^ If you have questions - just ask them^^ I'm really a friendly and nice person most of the time^^

Well then, have a nice day or evening or whatever^^

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I'm Admin Natsumi^^
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