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 Na-chan's little sribbles :3

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PostSubject: Na-chan's little sribbles :3   Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:16 pm

Hello everyone^^
And welcome to my "Little scribbles" thread ;D

I decided to make a thread where I show my little scribbles. I love to draw but unfortunately, I'm not really good in it :'D

Well then...I don't want to talk too much and just show some pictures. If you have questions, ask them.

And I would also be thankful if someone has some tips for me how I can draw better ;D


And now, here're my little sribbles ;D

One of my first good Manga-Drawings. And I mean good!
I drew Mangas like this before:

So yeah...I made progress, luckily xD

A dragon head. I love dragons, but I can only draw heads -___- Well, I'll practice and then I can draw a whole dragon, I'm sure xDD

Soo, this picture is called "Dragon Diva" because...well, it looks like a Dragon Diva to me xDD
I love the eye of it^^ But I really have to do something with the looks so strange O.o

And, last but not least:

This is my cat sona Samia visiting Egypt. I drew this picture for the CS oekaki challenge...but I hadn't have time to drew it digitally ^^'
So it remained a little sribble xDD


Sooo...hope you liked the first pictures^^
I'll upload again if I have new ones ;D



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>> Sorry, I'm terribly inactive lately. But school keeps me quite busy. Though, I'll try my best to come online as often as possible D: <<

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Na-chan's little sribbles :3
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