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 Monkey D. Luffy

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PostSubject: Monkey D. Luffy   Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:48 pm

Name: Monkey D. Ruffy
Age: 17 / after the time skip 19
Has Devil Fruit Powers?: Yes: Gum-Gum Fruit; His body is fully made of rubber -> He can strech his body
Family: Straw hat pirates, brother Ace
Pirate-Gang: Straw Hat Pirates
Position: Captain
Appearance: Luffy has short black hair and black (?) eyes. He is extremely thin and also quite big. He always wears a straw hat - this has become his biggest trade mark.
After the time skip, he also has a large X-shaped scar on his chest.
Ruffy changed his clothes often through the Arcs. But usually, his jacket is red, orange or something related to that. His trousers are blue most of the time.
Likes: Meat, his friends, his straw hat, Shanks
Dislikes: Anyone who hurts his comrades, his Grandfather (? -> I'm sure somwhere deep inside him, he likes his Grandfather...but every time they meet, they're fighting soo yeah :'D)
Pairings: Luffy x Nami, Luffy x Boa Hancock, Luffy x Zoro, Luffy x Robin, Luffy x Ace, Luffy x Law

Luffy is the chaotic Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also one of the strongest fighters of his crew.
He likes to goof around and make nonsense. And because of that he often gets beaten up by Nami or Sanji.
He isn't really afraid of anything. Only his Gradfather gives him a funny feeling :'D
Luffy is a funny character but if anyone hurts his comrades, then he freaks out.


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Monkey D. Luffy
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