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 The rules of our Board

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PostSubject: The rules of our Board   Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:12 am

Everyone needs them, even though not everyone likes them. But they are neccesarry to make sure that every user in this Forum can feel comfortable and have fun.
So please, read through this rules and stick to them.

Rules of Conduct

* Don't bully other users because of their language, their religion, their hobbies, etc. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in our Forum.
It doesn't feel good if you're registered in a Forum and then you're bullied all the time.
If there's a Problem with a user, then please, tell a Moderator or Admin about the Problem. The team is here to help the Members, so don't be afraid to ask for help.
If you break that rule, then you're warned. But if you keep bulliyng or making Problems, then you're banned.

* Usernames, Pictures, Posts, etc. aren't allowed to inherit pornographic, rassistic or violent content. Please keep our Forum child friendly because not every member of this Forum must be an adult.
Whether you're banned or warned after breaking this rule depends on how bad you've broke it.

* Don't argue in a thread or in the chat. If you have an argument with another User, then please settle this matter via private Messages. If the argue get's more serious, then please ask a Team member for help.

* If you want to critizicize something in the Forum (like a drawing from a person or the Layout of the Forum) then be polite and not rude. Of course, critism is necessary because if such a thing doesn't exist, then nobody would make progress. But the way you criticize something or someone is really important.



* Every first post of a topic (the "Opening-post") should have at least 40 words and has to contain the most important information about the thread you're opening (for example rules, summary, etc.)

* Every normal post should have at least 10 words.
Only exceptions are the RPG-area -there should a normal post have at least 20-25 words to make the RPG not too boring - and the "Games" Thread where you can find the Forum games.

* If you quote a poem or something else, please ad the name of the owner.

* The team is not liable if someone goes against the copyright. You are responsible for the content of your posts and pictures yourself.
If you see a user who goes against the Copyright, then please report this User to the Moderators.


Avatars and Signatures

* Of course you can Animate your ava. But if you use more pictures to Animate it, then please not more than three.

* Please don't use too many colours in your signature and keep it simple. Colours are allowed, of course, but not too many.

* If you have your Avatar or Signatur made by another person, then you have to write their name visible in your signature. Copyright ;D


Ohter rules

* Don't make double accounts (or shortly "DA's"). Only one account per person. If you make a double account, you're only warned at first and the second account will be deleted. But if you make another double account or have two double accounts at the same time, then you'll be banned immidietely.


~others follow, if neccesary~

If you don't follow these rules, then you'll be banned sooner or later. And believe me, that's something I hate to do.

Well then, have a nice day or evening or night^^

With friendly greetings,
Founder Natsumi and the ohter team Members
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The rules of our Board
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